Modern Garden Houses Made Of Wood

Outdoor Life In The Best Quality In Modern Garden Houses Made Of Wood

Wooden Garden House with floor to ceiling Windows

Innovations in the construction of wooden garden houses

A garage, a work or game room for the , why not a workshop or a small winter garden - all these features are within a modern Garden House, individually or together with the main building to accommodate. Most of the time it concerns the extension of housing clients. Find more about the quality planning and execution of Garden House projects.

Garden House floor design

Integration of the Garden House in the overall planning of your family home

Garden sheds are popular options for villas in the countryside or somewhere in the great outdoors. They often serve as temporary solutions prior to the construction of the "real" family house on a plot of land.

The majority of requests but is connected to the extension of the available living space according to experts. There additional room functions are housed in the main building are missing, or are there not optimally integrated.

Minimalist Garden House wood

There are many alternatives for the materials, but with a healthy climate and better energy efficiency is recommended the use of hochweritgem wood. It represents the best choice for the building itself as well as for the internal wall cladding and flooring design. Wooden Windows and doors should be preferred.

You can then combine this for the rest of the Interior preference with various other materials.

Wood is universally also in terms of style. A construction of this material is a suitable "accessory" to a modern, as well as to a traditional family home. Among other things, the fact helps ensure that the wood facade can be very diverse fashion with color and other means.

Facade of a three-storey log cabin wood

Floor plans and distribution

The careful planning in advance is the successful integration of one or more buildings. She should include all planned buildings, no matter whether you want to build them immediately or in a few months or years. There must be a harmonious overall impression. This means first the floor plans of the building harmoniously are complementary, and thus most effectively take advantage of the plot. In addition, there must be a balance between the protection of the Privatraums and accessibility. The inputs, or the larger window should look as not each other, but they should be also well networked and be easily accessible by as many starting points out.

Innovations for higher quality of life out there

Attic design in a Garden House

Innovations in the construction of garden houses

The current design follows a long tradition of buildings from prefabricated elements. This is now combined with stable panel systems to achieve more stability, height and width. In practice, this gives freedom in the floor plan and interior interior design all builders. The wooden house can not easily be built on any terrain. In the Interior is thanks to the stability always braver open housing planning - both in horizontal and in vertical orientation. It must be recognize many similarities with lofts and apartments.

Innovations in water and electricity supply, energy efficiency

Water pumps and solar systems, all garden houses in an ever-increasing extent are self-employed.

Thanks to separate facilities, less and less energy is lost and you will save substantially on heating costs.

However, we recommend a connection to the central power and water system. So you have a kind of security in the event of technical malfunction or adverse weather conditions.

The modern Garden House is a comfortable form of healthy and eco-friendly life. It can be built on the floor of a family house with courtyard, as well as in the countryside or somewhere in nature. The Garden House also gives you the opportunity to expand your living space gradually. Assuming you plan everything properly, be can build time again rooms, which perfectly blend with the already available.

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