Panels In Gold For The Exterior

A Beautiful Work Of ArtModern architecture with Golden panels on the facade

Gold on concrete? When you hear something like that, then you already knows this - luxury is an overarching style. He has blazed his way to the panels on the outside of shopping centres. Yes, less surprisingly, this happened in the Switzerland!

The work, which we want to present you today, is a gem. It's in the truest sense of the word, even if it's a building the size of a public shopping center. But how should one describe something, whose Außenseiten are completely equipped with gold?

The great effects of the glass façade panels

OK, admittedly, we overdid it a bit to attract your attention. It's rather panels made of glass, which are characterized by a golden colour. Is also this pretty impressive, isn't it? We represent this phenomenon as an example of a building in the Switzerland. But actually one can speak of a fashion. It is now in many different cities of the world in the design of the panels on the exterior facades.

There is talk of the shopping Emporia in the city of Malmö.

More modest than in earlier times.

As it already several times has been found there, the new fashion trends is well forgotten old trends. For centuries shows brilliance and power through the exterior design gold representative buildings. But at this super modern trend, which today is mentioned, it is more practical than in ancient eras. As you know many prestigious buildings, their facades were provided also with gold from the history of architecture. That we know the in core already, but also a lot of colonial architecture of the Baroque time and the Rococo style.

In our modern case we have in many ways to do practical glass panels, which show among other things also a golden color.

Thus we have a jewel in a figurative sense to do. Because it's a brilliant idea of modern architecture and its technique. It has set simply many glass fibres with golden color to use. Already, it has created glitz and glamour, which are much more resistant than the ancient solutions. The effect is not less beautiful.

Typical materials for the gold-plated panels

Panels from certain modern materials are particularly suitable for this, so that they are equipped with gold. These are for example stainless steel, concrete, aluminum. The glass, we have already explained, this is done by integrating gold fibres. There are other techniques which are not less brilliant and high tech for the other materials.

Typical buildings with Golden outer panels of modern times

We have mentioned at the beginning of the shopping center in Malmö, Sweden. But there are also a number of buildings, that show also Golden panels. These are both commercial and public buildings with different functions. The Center for the arts José R of Guimarães in Portugal, the defence Museum in Duderstadt, Regents place are worth mentioning in this context Pavilion in London.

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