To have dream homes - a cottage in the countryside, is this a nostalgic or modern dream?

For a long time is the nature and our relationship to her an ever-interesting topic. However, it has received not a new relevance in recent years? Actually it has been never to date! The man but it finally seems to have internalized one: we rule here does not, or if so, only temporarily. You must reconcile with nature if you want to exist. That's why "a cottage in the countryside" is something completely different than for example 100 years ago now. Dream homes look like something different today.

What was previously a small cottage in the countryside?

There was this great romantic notion. Somewhere deep in the woods outside the town and noise, there is a meadow. This is a great House. Within this you feel relaxed and serene. That's all basically.

Cozy House in the countryside

Be closer to nature

House In the green forest trees

Extraordinary architecture

What constitutes a "small house" in the Green today?

Today it connects this term much more. In addition to the relaxation is exemplary, sustainable way of life in the foreground. It's about the building from natural, sustainably obtained materials. One should be more than efficient when dealing with energy and water resources. You would have to bring them about green blankets or other facilities to a closed circle of cleaning and reuse. Only then you can say that you really green live!

Stylish architecture with green grass

Main characteristics of green living in the modern sense

Do you want a few bullet points about how to understand a "little house in the countryside" in the modern sense? We have them here for you. Decide yourself, traditionally and what is completely new!

-Seamless writing in nature (by materials in matching colors or glass facades)

-Protection of the climate and the security of the landscape, flora and fauna (avoid accidents with birds and Partollers from Earth)

-Green energy sources, which do not change also the safety and appearance of the flora and fauna in the surroundings

-Saving of energy and water resources due to facilities such as green ceiling and vertical gardens

Now, how and where you want to your cottage in the countryside be?

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