The dream of a family in Brazil

For many people, would be a dream home in Brazil realized life dream at all. In fact, the project, which we want to present you today, is a fascinating escape from reality. Alone the report can be described as such. You stick with it?

Built dream home family - 30 days

This home has very plain and simple lines. It is the natural influence and dominate everything in the mood inside and outside. If you want the maximum close connection to nature, is absolutely right. The concept is innovative, but ultimately simple and clear. Perhaps one has made it so, to make the dream home of this family within 30 days on the legs.

So that the whole thing was possible, it has opted for a metal construction. The House is super easy and you could position it easily in maximum proximity to river running nearby.

Acting incredibly broad and open Interior

The minimalist style of this family dream home has made it possible that the room maximum open and wide impact. It's kind of like as if the walls do not exist. Also the neutral shades contribute to the broad effect: it has opted for black, grey and white here. In all areas, you will experience complete relaxation. This is but never to the detriment of the innovations that have been integrated in all areas of the House.

The zone around the swimming pool

All of the listed aspects of the design of this dream home reach a climax in the zone around the swimming pool. Organic forms and elements prevail here and secure feeling, being one with nature.

So a family Traumhaus is innovative not only by the fact that it removes the limitations of nature, but that that's the ideas of small and large blurs.

Luxury Homes, Half Under Water Are Reality

Luxury houses project in Dubai goes under water

Nowadays, it is much easier to predict than ever in the future. In addition, it seems that this trend is illustrated. We are working ever more diligently and good results in our quality of life can be long in coming.

More and more are the projects that show practically that the architecture has no real limits. Dubai is a great example in this respect. Within a fairly short time here has transforms the desert in a paradise-like living space. Today, Dubai is also one of the most popular tourist destinations is worldwide. Every day the projects and achieved dimensions are always surprising and incredible here.

Logically, this tendency affects not only public buildings. You can see remarkable innovations and fascinating performance at the luxury houses. In no time, you could buy there great floating houses. These offer fascinating underwater images.

Breathe deeply.

You need to learn that if you want to buy such kind of luxury real estate. Because the views opened up from there, are really stunning.

A total of 42 such structures are there. Actually it's more a kind of ship. This luxury can be called just not homes real estate legal reasons, because they are in any way on the ground.

But we call them continue to houses, because of the architecture and decor here they are just such. You have over three floors. One of which is located under the water and straight from there opens up the great looks, which is at stake.

In the other two floors, a wide living room and fully equipped kitchen, dining room and a huge terrace is housed. On the latter, you can experience a complete relaxation in a swimming pool.

In the top level, there are open and covered parts. There's also a great mini bar, Jacuzzi and other facilities which are conceived for the ideal relaxation.

"The floating seahorses" calls itself the adult cams project and very soon it will become a reality. The beginning of the building process is intended for the second half of this year and it is expected that the whole project will be completed in 2016. The prices of these floating luxury real estate are still not announced.

Moving To Munich: What Makes A Good Moving Company

Prefer three times burned as once moved?

A parade is a moving event in life, that can be associated with a high stress factor for a man literally. Many people who have already moved, experience the transport of all belongings and furniture, as well as the entire organization around the removal for high loading parallel must be determined in most cases to other everyday conditions of the work. A professional moving company offers therefore a great relief during a move.

Moving made easy

What makes a good moving company

Who want to move to, should seek professional assistance. In large cities, moving companies are charged often ensure that the move will succeed. In Munich, the trend is very strong. The Bavarian capital offers a variety of attractive neighborhoods and places where it truly to live for. Whether you now want to move in a cottage in the countryside or obtain an apartment in the middle of the vibrant city: it is important for the Munich that the Umzugstrukturiert and smoothly. A well organised moving company ensures successful removals in Munich - friendliness, reliability and flexibility are the Foundation for all business activities. A good moving company is made up of highly qualified personnel that works hand in hand with each other and provide for the smooth running of the parade.

Moving to Munich

The work during a move is important

Advance the movers in Munich will create an intensive needs and requirement analysis of customer needs. What maybe a little out of touch may sound associated with a move, proving in practice but incredibly valuable. Only by such preliminary analysis can ultimately ensure a smooth running of the entire parade. Basis so an individually tailored relocation plan. Ensures that he will receive optimal service performance, which can precisely correspond to his wishes and will make the whole move a complete success without stress and uncertainty for customers. The movers will monitor every step of the planning and secure in order to guarantee a stress-free process for all involved.

Logically packing moving boxes

If you pack your belongings in moving boxes, you should ensure to label boxes, where fragile items are stored. This, the moving helper on moving day know exactly in which moving boxes they should be especially careful. In addition, boxes containing fragile or delicate objects, will receive a safe place also when stacking in the moving truck.

Many people make the mistake, not to label moving boxes. At the latest on arrival at the new place of residence, if the boxes to be distributed accordingly to the room, this proves problematic. The moving helper should identify at a glance what moving crate now should be placed in the room, without each time having to ask the Umzugsverantwortlichen. Even very much hustle and bustle can be avoided on moving day alone by this trifle.

Care should be taken, not too full or too heavy to load up the moving boxes. During transport and carrying of moving boxes that can prove extremely detrimental. Also, the boxes in the worst case can tear when they too difficult should be been packed.

Incidentally, it's perfectly alright if you put two or three crates at the end, which clearly fall into any room in your new home. The last belongings that you have needed up to the move, then just tuck into two or three separate boxes and label them with "Miscellaneous". You then know that there is a smorgasbord of different belongings in these boxes.

What is important for the move itself?

Of course, it takes for the moving day itself not only a well-thought-out plan, but especially "manpower", so strong men who will tackle and from the old residence to the new premises create heavy pieces of furniture quickly and safely. A professional moving company will also provide a moving van that is adequately sized for the respective move in which all boxes and furniture store can.

Dream House Siam In Thailand As A Destination Or As Setup Suggestion

Dream House Siam in Thailand

What is the perfect dream home for the holidays in your eyes? We present today a villa you, which almost certainly would be equivalent to the doctrines of most of you. It is in Thailand and combines traditional local culture elements together with the peculiar Innendesignfantasie of their designers.

The Villa of Siam, which we dedicate our attention today, represents a part of the recreational complex of Iniala. It is located in Thailand and consists of three villas. Within each there are three apartments and a duplex.

Thai culture and Buddhism

Eggarat Wongcharit calls himself the artist who stands behind this magical work. He impressed with the unique design and comfortable furnishings. As the main inspiration, he used the traditional Thai culture. More specifically, the local handicraft Arts served as a basis for this. They were also used in the preparation of many elements. The General image but marked above all by the Buddhism.

The pieces of furniture in Thai style

Many of the furniture in this House were established in Thai craftsman style. Chests of drawers, sofas are for example beds. This manifests itself not only in their forms. On the ceiling, you can experience the use of many organic elements. They shape the character of the whole Villa.

A fine style

We found it's always fascinating, as it is at the same time can create a very upscale and unique style in traditional and exotic Innendesigngestaltungen. The question arose again in the face of the present sample. We have discovered that the answer is again in the details. The glass mosaics and the woven decorations provide additional elegance and style in the rooms.

Respect for Buddha is for the people who are knowledgeable in this area, cannot be overlooked. He comes especially at three illuminated pictures to the application, which are hung behind white sofas. On the latter we want to make you aware also. Impress one with the great Perl pattern covering.

Wonderful decorations cover the floor and the walls. You impress the guests of at Villa already at the entrance. Also a strong affinity for the curved and wavelike forms can be seen. Also the soft nuances, as well as the carefully considered combinations of ornaments and decorations are distinctive for this design.

Lotus exotic

In one of the apartments, the Lotus was the main motif. He symbolizes the harmony and the upscale character of the apartment here. Yet upon entering the apartment would you notice, that is covered the whole room with many lilies. You represent a symbol of wisdom and purity. According to the sacred Chinese belief, this symbol ensures strength and fertility. No wonder, then, that where the architect and interior designer inspiration in creating his dream house of them.

Yin and Yang in contemporary architecture

The weilbliche and male energies, which represent the beginning of everything, also often occur in contemporary architecture. It happens here too, in the Iniala resort and comes through the absolutely opposite symmetry. You pair white and natural elements. The beds look as you might appear small vertebrate-like structures from which wonderfully.

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